If you want the full background, read the motivation behind all of this. The short story is that I want to make my own games in my own engine using Rust, because it's fun.

This devlog is me logging my process, thoughts, and decisions during this journey.

It's basically just me trying to solve my problems at hand, voicing my thoughts, and probably me refactoring multiple times. Writing these down after the fact, with the "perfect code" would kinda go against my intentions of showing a transparent and genuine process.

Ideally, there is a new update every few days.


Work in Progress

Recent Updates

[Excursion] Handwritten GL Bindings [ OpenGL Context Renderer ]

How to write the bindings from scratch

OpenGL [ OpenGL Context Renderer ]

Which OpenGL version to target and how.

Project Setup [ Renderer ]

Which OpenGL version to target and how