About Me

I'm just a wannabe game developer from Germany, in the beginning of his 30s, working on other people's games since 2014, and a full time freelancer since 2018. I have been using C++ and C# more or less professionally for almost a decade at this point. I watch way too many cartoons(MyAnimeList), like graphics programming, am into SRPG's and card games, and I'm pretty much addicted to the Rust programming language nowadays.

My setup is Arch Linux with the i3 window manager, and I use Neovim for pretty much everything code related.

About This Site

My goal is and has always been to make my own games. I decided to log my journey as I go, to share my progress, thoughts and get feedback. From writing a simple renderer to actual games. I will share how I approach and solve problems, write down alternative approaches I considered, and reasons why I decided against them and similar things. Basically making the entire process as transparent as possible. This also means that every single line of code I'm writing for this project will be Open Source.

If you ever find any errors, be it factual or grammatical ones, or have any questions, please open an issue on this repository or contact me via any of the social media links at the bottom of this site. Read the contribution page for further information.

This site is using Zola and based on the amazing and lightweight Abridge theme.

Recent Updates

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Which OpenGL version to target and how

[Devlog] The Context [ Context Renderer ]

Adding the first package to our workspace, and creating a little playground for us.

[Devlog] My Motivation [ GameDev ]

Why I decided to write my own engine and a brief history.