Contribution & Support

This project is done just by me, at least for now. I appreciate all kinds of contributions and help, to improve the quality of this little endeavor.

This site is also free from any tracking. So engaging with the contribution channels is a great way to let me know if there is even an interest in all of this, which helps me to justify spending more time :)


If you find any grammar, spelling or factual errors, no matter how small, I encourage you to open an issue on GitHub, or send a pull request, send me a private message on using any of my contact channels.

If you want to discuss certain posts or topics, or have any question, you can do so on GitHub as well. Maybe this might also help the one or other person who runs into the same question, or increases the understanding for people who didn't even thought about that specific case. Don't feel shy :)

I will make sure to mention everyone who contributes in any capacity below this paragraph.1


This blog is not running any ads or use affiliate links in any capacity, I won't take any sponsors, track any data nor put anything behind a paywall or some email subscription.

All the code and the eventual games are going to be open-source, even the ones targeted for Steam or other commercial releases. I won't ask for money on any other page except this one.

However, it would be foolish to not accept any goodwill by some generous readers. Any money donated helps me justifying spending more time on this project. I will list the supporters and their contributions below this page.1

So yeah, if you enjoy my content, you can support this little project by donating to any of the following channels:



This site only uses JavaScript for the theme switcher and the search. This means there are no dynamic updates, but instead, the list of contributors will be updated whenever a new post hits this site, which is ideally every few days.